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Anne & Bart
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We are both in our early 30’s and live in New York City. We are so excited to welcome a baby into our family!

We promise that we will have as open an adoption as you wish and ensure you that you are always part of your child’s life story.

Your child will grow up in a safe, loving and fun home and will be given a life full of opportunities.

Anne works as a psychologist at a local hospital and Bart is a scientist studying the Universe. Our home in Manhattan is the ideal location to raise a child.

We enjoy morning walks at Central Park with our puppy (Woody), cycling in and around NYC, hiking upstate and hosting dinners and brunches (with lots of waffles and pancakes guaranteed!).

We love traveling! This picture was taken during our roadtrip through California.
We enjoy cycling trips through New York and its surroundings
and our puppy Woody loves to join us in his backpack!