About us

Our story

We met 8 years ago in Montreal by coincidence while having coffee with mutual friends. We had only spent a few hours together but made a lasting impression on each other during this brief encounter. We then lost touch for a few years but met again by chance at a train station in Europe where we both studied at the time. That’s how our love story began..

We share many common values which make our relationship strong and stable. We always communicate openly with each other, no matter how delicate the issue. We treat each other with respect, discuss decisions together before taking them, and look out for each other. We want to impart these values to our child such that she/he becomes a kind and thoughtful person, able to deal with all the challenges that life may present.

What our friends say about us

“Anne is a very kind and empathetic person. She is passionate about children”

“Bart is a very open and caring person. He is responsible and always willing to help”

“Anne and Bart are very conscientious, responsible, reliable and trustworthy. They are also very warm, empathetic, nurturing and caring. They are able to provide a loving, caring, and warm environment for a child. The child will be nurtured and brought up with independence and strong moral direction”