Meet Bart

by Anne

Bart is amazingly easy-going, caring and supportive – he’s always there to help when you need him. From fixing the printer to cheering me up after a hard day at work, I can always count on him. He is very understanding and really takes the time to listen carefully, which I really appreciate. 

Bart enjoys watching and playing sports just as much as having a lazy Sunday on the couch. He’s very outgoing and social and loves meeting new people. 

I am convinced that Bart will make a great dad who will always be there for our child.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve with our friends

At a Yankee’s match with his friends

Quick Facts

Age: 33

Passion: Astrophysics

Hobbies: Cycling, soccer, building Lego, reading, traveling

Favorite TV shows: Friends & The Office

Favorite aroma: The seaside

Favorite season: Winter

Favorite cities: New York, London, Amsterdam

Celebrating christmas with friends In New York City

On a cycle tour with Bart’s parents

On holiday in Lapland
Ready for a 10k race

At a Fleetwood Mac concert with his dad — it was a very rainy day but we still had a great time
On a husky sleigh-ride with his mom in Lapland