Family & Friends

We are both from very close and loving families who are beyond excited that we are growing our family through adoption. We know that our parents and siblings are always there for us and support us in every possible way. They will surely play an important role in our child’s life and be the most loving grandparents/aunties one could hope for.

Shenanigans with Anne’s family

With Bart’s parents
Anne and her mom having fun in Paris

With our good friends and Woody’s best buddy Willy
Anne and her sisters at our wedding day
All dressed up for a New Year’s party with friends

Meet Woody

Woody is our one-year old mini-Australian Shepherd puppy. After Anne wanted a dog for a long time, her dream finally came true last year. Woody is a sweet and very loyal dog who follows us everywhere — he is our little shadow. Woody loves little children — he is very patient and he loves to play with them. We couldn’t have wished for a better companion!

Woody’s first bath
No comment 😉
Cuddling with his best buddy
Playtime with Anne’s goddaughter