Meet Anne

by Bart

Anne is the kindest, most caring person I know. She always gives her best at everything she does in both her personal and professional life. Anne is always up for an activity, like going on a bike tour, a trip to the beach, or just exploring the city. Anne is very attentive and always there for her family and friends.

Anne is a great cook! She enjoys preparing healthy dishes and delicious pastries. She cares a great deal about making our home feel cozy and even decorates according to season. Anne loves animals and ever since our puppy Woody joined our family, she makes sure that he is living his absolute best life. 

Anne loves children and one of her favorite things in the world is spending time with her goddaughter. I am sure she will be an amazing mom!  

First time babysitting her goddaughter

Anne loves spending time with her

Quick Facts

Age: 30

Hobbies: Cooking, running, home decor

Favorite TV shows: Friends & New Girl

Favorite aroma: Freshly baked bread

Favorite dish: Chocolate chip pancakes

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite animals: Whales & ponies

Anne with her two sisters — the three of them are super close
On one of the first walks with our puppy Woody
With good friends on a pretty summer day

After our civil wedding with Anne’s parents and grandparents
Enjoying the beach in Cuba
Proudly showing her freshly baked blueberry pie